Fiduciary education is a responsibility we take very seriously at Highland. It’s essential that all decision-makers for the portfolio understand the significance of their choices. Leadership and the Board of Directors should be well-informed on investment strategies. During client interactions, our team is mindful to address subjects that require clarification, financial or otherwise.

Ongoing educational opportunities:

Highland offers training on various investment-related topics, including governance, specific asset classes, asset allocation, analysis of different types of risk, and others.  Several symposia are offered throughout the year to highlight topics of interest. Every other year, the firm hosts a two-day client conference. This event includes roundtable discussions on various asset classes, macroeconomic discussions, and client-specific breakout sessions.

Timely investment-related reports:

Highland maintains a regular publication schedule to share important investment-related news and market developments. Specific investment topics are covered in detail in our publications: 

  • Asset Allocation Notes: A monthly overview with a broad view and commentary on the current market. 
  • Insights: Longer reports with an in-depth analysis of a particular issue or asset class we believe may impact our clients.

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