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Healthcare reports are short legal updates from the defined-contribution world.

  • Healthcare Quarterly Q2 2022

    We’ve seen a robust recovery in demand since the trough of the COVID crisis. Here in the U.S., consumer spending now exceeds its pre-pandemic trend. Other developed markets are on a similar trajectory. However, that strong demand is running headlong into supply-side challenges.

  • July 2021 Insight – Healthcare

    Inflation is currently the topic de jour for investors. The easing of COVID-19 lockdowns has pushed inflation (as measured by CPI) to levels not seen since 2008.

  • Healthcare Update | December 2020

    The COVID-19 crisis was a one-two punch for the notfor-profit healthcare sector. Instability in capital markets wreaked havoc on healthcare balance sheets, particularly investment portfolios and overall liquidity.

  • Healthcare in Crisis | April 2020

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  • January 2020 Healthcare Insight – Academic Medical Centers

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