As an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO), Highland’s experienced team can profoundly impact your investment plan’s trajectory. Increased oversight of an investment plan can result in improvements across the board.

Benefits of an OCIO relationship with Highland:

  • Customized solutions to generate consistent long-term excess returns
  • Faster decisions and implementation
  • Proactive risk management
  • Increased fiduciary oversight 
  • Cost savings due to pooled investing
  • Immediate access to credentialed consultants

Plus, delegating duties to your OCIO team frees up resources that can be directed toward other essential operations. 

Services are tailored to fit:

Our client service model is flexible, adapting to fit your internal structure. We can serve as a stand-alone unit, reporting to a treasurer or Chief Financial Officer (CFO), or as an extension of in-house staff.

Expertise at your service:

Our team-based approach offers the true experience of having Highland as an extension of staff. With your OCIO Team, you’ll have easy access to the professionals you need.

  • Lead Investment Advisor: Main point of contact for the strategic oversight of the portfolio. Directs the team.
  • Access to Investment Decision Makers: Ultimate oversight for investment decisions and portfolio strategy is determined by The Highland Investment Working Group.
  • Analyst: Assists in day-to-day operations.
  • Team Members: Comprised of accounting and investment professionals, representing these areas: asset/liability analytics, performance reporting, accounting support, and custodial relations.


Our BLUEPRINT lists our entire menu of services. We can work with you to determine the structure and/or deliverables that are the right fit for your program.

General Consulting Strategic Consulting
Team Driven Support Team-Driven Support
Client Education Fiduciary Education
Research Research
Shared Fiduciary Responsability Shared Fiduciary Responsibility
Spending Policy Spending Policy / Liabilities Analysis
Investment Policy Statement Investment Policy Statement Development
Portfolio Strategy Portfolio Strategy
Manager Selection Manager Selection
Trading Trading
Reporting Reporting
Back Office Back Office/Operational Support