We are your partners in progress.

We serve mission-driven organizations that serve people.
Our expertise lies in empowering your portfolio to deliver more.
More money. Bigger projects. Better outcomes. Brighter days.
This is more than business. This is moving the world forward.

About Us

Transforming Portfolios. Advancing Missions.

Highland is a strategic investment consultancy empowering nonprofit healthcare and mission-based organizations to move forward with confidence. Our customized approach transforms portfolios into sources of strength and advancing missions that enrich lives and communities. In every relationship, we seek to act as a catalyst for progress, innovation, and growth.

We deliver a standard of service few can match: Custom-built portfolios. Low client to consultant ratio. Expertise in traditional and alternative investments. Fiduciary education. And open-door access to a complete suite of resources, from credentialed associates with decades of expertise to sophisticated technology and operational support. Our approach builds strong relationships: One-third of our clients have been with us for more than 20 years.

About Us
Weekly Market Commentary

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Summer Surge For Small Caps Continues; Emerging Markets Swoon On Rising Geopolitical Risk.

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