Austin B. Eng

Client Operations and Performance Analyst III

What drives you to help your clients?

The impact of our clients’ work on vulnerable populations gives me a sense of purpose that I did not find while working with private wealth. It is very inspiring to hear how our clients are helping people with resources gained from advice we gave them.

Austin Eng is a Client Operations and Performance Analyst III for Highland Associates. He deepens our client relationships by providing snapshots of investment performance, responding to audit requests, and managing the relationship with our reporting vendor. To our team, Austin brings not only superior attention to detail but also deep experience with of process automation, project management, and business continuity planning.

Prior to joining Highland in 2021, Austin gained experience in performance measurement at Bank of America Merrill. There he served as the sole hybrid between the private wealth and institutional teams. Additionally, he served on division-wide projects and lead employee satisfaction for this 57-person department. His efforts culminated in several awards and being recognized in front of over 2,000 associates in his division.

Austin received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of Miami. He is also a CIPM Level I candidate. Outside of this daily work, Austin leads the 56-person workplace subcommittee for Regions’ Birmingham Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion network. In that capacity, he has brought together thousands of associates to learn from one another and to further enrich our culture of inclusion. Additionally, he has been a Toastmaster for his entire career to develop his public speaking and leadership skills.